Cotton candy hair






Godzilla 2014

(sorry it took me forever to find time for personal art but here it is!) I loved the idea of the king of monsters being this ancient force of nature capable of destruction and peace. 



Honey garlic drumstick #FoodStudy

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Xiao long boa (soupy pork dumplings) inspired by our magical meal from Din Tai Fung #FoodStudy


Chocolate chip cookies. Ref photo taken by reddit user weatherman35 #foodStudy

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Some concepts for two characters of mine: blink and belly!!!  these aren’t their final colors.

Blink has eyes but is often not aware of its own surroundings - it finds it difficult to fully pay attention to the world around it. Belly can change the position, sharpness, and number of its teeth and it clicks them together in order to echolocate. It’s able to be more attentive and aware than blink.

i wanted to show them exploring each other, since they’d never experienced something like the other before meeting. belly had never encountered eyeballs and was very interested in them when feeling blink’s face, but you can’t really touch someone’s eyeballs with your feet…. and blink was fascinated with belly’s teeth and wanted to know how they were attached. it’s no great loss to belly to lose a tooth.


how to:「アニマルバーガ

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Just remember, even your worst days only have twenty-four hours.

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[2010] where the heart goes

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